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FRL Missilebox 4.0 close to release

The Missilebox in it's version 4.0 is close to release. Some minor additions and bughunting is necessary. Stay tuned.
So, new design, new name and you staring at the screen with a big WTF on your face.

Let's keep it simple and short: i left GLT and therefor i'm no longer allowed to use the GLT clantag. Logical. So i moved the site over to the Freelancer (FRL) franchise and maybe i will merge those 2 projects but right now i'm unsure if and how. So for now, just a new design (same as on Freelancer) and logo and new tag.

Existing addons will keep their tag to make sure that compatibily is given. However, new addons in the future will be released under another tag, most probably with FRL tag.

So for you, at this point, nothing changes. Later the website URL might change but this is about to be organized and not yet finally decided.
Deleted Users
Hello folks,

the last days/weeks there were a few site registrations that can be best subscribed as "suspicious". So today i've cleaned those up a bit. It might have happened that i accidentally deleted a serious user account. If this happened i'm sorry. Please contact me so i can restore your account immediately.

Also changed registration procedure so from now on an admin has to check new registration and unlock them (or delete). This is a temporarly step and might change back in the future.

I'm sorry for every possible inconvenience this might cause.

For your info: for downloading GLT addons you don't have to be registered.
GLT Missilebox updated to 3.51
Meatball0311 reported a critical bug which affected all bomb class ammo. This bug has been fixed and the Missilebox updated to version 3.51.
I'm sorry for the trouble.

- [fixed] Ammo inherited from GLT_BombBase wasn't visible on planes.

Download: GLT Missilebox 3.51
GLT Missilebox updated to version 3.5 and now has v2 signatures.
It took me (way too) long but finally i found some time to update the Missilebox.

I would to thank to everyone who ever helped me on this project so far and contributed in any form (be it content or bug reports/suggestions).

Please click on "Read more" to see the changelog.
F-16 Evolution back on track.
As you know i've had some troubles with the rework of Footmunch's F-16 with a certain "community member" (well, not a real issue IMHO but you know...) which left me no other choice than to retire the F-16 version 1.2 from public. Well, the king is dead, long live the king. Click on "read more" to get some exciting news.
[WIP] Tron Lightcycle
Something i've started quite some time ago: Tron Lightcycle.

Watch it on youtube.

This is an early WIP preview to find the most obvious bugs and issues.
Small update on the Missilebox
A smaller update for the Missilebox:

- [fixed] Gunner on the Su-34 Laser sticked out of the cockpit
- [fixed] Displayname of the Su-34 Laser changed to "SU-34 (LSR)"

Since these are non-critical fixes but cosmetical, version number remains unchanged.
Click on "Read more" to get a downloadlink for the config only update (you don't need to redownload the whole Missilebox, the config will do it).
GLT Projects Homepage online!
Finally, the GLT projects have a home to be presented and maintained. The BI forums started to be a pain in the...well, you know where.
With this new home for our work, we hope to be able to present our works better and also make it easier for us to keep track of feature requests aswell as bug reports.
Developments in progress
Name Type Percent Release
Su-34 Desert Addon 100% Can not say when
JAS-39 Addon 100% Can not say when
Su-24MK Fencer D 1.0 Addon 100% Can not say when
F-16 1.2 Addon 100% When it's done :)
*Confidential* Addon 0% When it's done :)
AH-1Z TrackIR/Freetrack Addon 70% When it's done :)


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